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Friday, April 17, 2015

Crossing the Line 2: The New Face of Anti-Semitism on Campus

   I think this video presents an honest depiction of the scary rise in antisemitism in the heart of America's Academic community today. It's cloaked itself in so called anti-Zionism and anti- Israel clothing , but one doesn't have to scratch too deeply under the surface of this language to come upon a deep seated hatred of Jews in general and  a murderous one at that.

Monday, April 13, 2015


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Oceans Facing Carbon Rates Which Spurred Mass Die-Off 250 Million Years Ago

University of Edinburgh researchers warn that the carbon emissions that drove a mass extinction event some 252 million years ago were released at a rate similar to today
The Atlantic coast near Galicia, Spain. (Photo: Paulo Brandao/flickr/cc)
The Atlantic coast near Galicia, Spain. (Photo: Paulo Brandao/flickr/cc)
In case you weren't already worried about the current and rapid acidification of the world's oceans, a new report by leading scientists finds that this very phenomenon is to blame for the worst mass extinction event the planet earth has ever seen—approximately 252 million years ago.
The findings, published this week in the journal Science by University of Edinburgh researchers, raise serious concerns about the implications of present-day acidification, driven by human-made climate change.
"Scientists have long suspected that an ocean acidification event occurred during the greatest mass extinction of all time, but direct evidence has been lacking until now," said lead author Dr. Matthew Clarkson in a statement. "This is a worrying finding, considering that we can already see an increase in ocean acidity today that is the result of human carbon emissions."
The paper looks at the culprit behind the Permo-Triassic Boundary mass extinction, which wiped out more than 90 percent of marine species and two-thirds of land animals, making it even more severe than the die-off of the dinosaurs.
The scientists evaluated rocks in the United Arab Emirates that, 250 million years ago, were on the bottom of the ocean. Researchers then employed a climate model to determine what drove the extinction.
A summary of the researchers' findings explains the mass die-off "happened when Earth’s oceans absorbed huge amounts of carbon dioxide from volcanic eruptions. This changed the chemical composition of the oceans—making them more acidic—with catastrophic consequences for life on Earth."
The kicker? The carbon that drove this process during the Permian-Triassic Boundary extinction was "released at a rate similar to modern emissions," the report summary concludes. "This fast rate of release was a critical factor driving ocean acidification."
Over the past 200 years alone, international oceans have become dramatically more acidic, putting coral reefs and sea life at risk, and even, in some cases, causing snails' shells to dissolve.
As Dr. Rachel Wood of the University of Edinburgh told the Independent, "The important take-home message of this [report] is that the rate of increase of CO2 during the Permian mass extinction is about the same rate as the one to which we are exposing the ocean to today."

Tuesday, April 07, 2015


New aluminum battery for smartphones can be charged in a minute

LONDON (Reuters) – U.S. scientists said they have invented a cheap, long-lasting and flexible battery made of aluminum for use in smartphones that can be charged in as little as one minute.
The researchers, who detailed their discovery in the journal Nature, said the new aluminum-ion battery has the potential to replace lithium-ion batteries, used in millions of laptops and mobile phones.
Besides recharging much faster, the new aluminum battery is safer than existing lithium-ion batteries, which occasionally burst into flames, they added.
Researchers have long tried but failed to develop a battery made of aluminum, a lightweight and relatively inexpensive metal that has high charging capacity.
A team lead by chemistry professor Hongjie Dai at Stanford University in California made a breakthrough by accidentally discovering that graphite made a good partner to aluminum, Stanford said in a statement.
In a prototype, aluminum was used to make the negatively-charged anode while graphite provided material for the positively charged cathode.
A prototype aluminum battery recharged in one minute, the scientists said.
“Lithium-ion batteries can be a fire hazard,” said Dai. “Our new battery won’t catch fire, even if you drill through it.”
The new battery is also very durable and flexible, the scientists said.
While lithium-ion batteries last about 1,000 cycles, the new aluminum battery was able to continue after more than 7,500 cycles without loss of capacity. It also can be bent or folded.
Larger aluminum batteries could also be used to store renewable energy on the electrical grid, Dai said.
(Reporting by Eric Onstad, editing by David Evans)


Thursday, April 02, 2015


    Four people are running this year for the three Commission seats in Margate. Three of them are running together and one is running on his own. Three of those running are incumbents, those three are not running together. Mike Becker ( Mayor) , Brenda Taube ( incumbent)  and John Amadeo are running together and Maury Blumberg ( incumbent) is running alone.


    The best outcome Commissioner Maury Blumberg can hope for this spring  is that  many people  simply vote for him and no one else. This in the parlance of electoral politics is called a BULLET VOTE.  The purpose is to get as many votes for one candidate as possible and to suppress the vote totals of the other candidates running. Two elections in Margate where this strategy was last employed with some success were when Ed McMeekin ran against the three Rs back in the 90's and came within 70 votes of winning a seat. I've been told that hundreds of his votes were in fact just that bullet votes, votes that suppressed the total for the third place winner that year. The other example was in the 2002 election when Vaughan Reale won the most votes in that election running a Bullet vote strategy  and became Mayor. If Maury manages to do what McMeekin and Reale did in those elections I think he has a very good chance of winning the most votes this time around like Reale did in 2002.


   The other guy's have decided their best strategy is to run together as a team and ask everyone to vote for them as such. Maybe  because except for Becker the other two obviously don't feel confident enough to run on their own merits. In the case of Becker and Taube its there hope that the strong name recognition of former State Assemblymen Amadeo will strengthen the ticket. Interestingly, it's been speculated by some that Mr. Amadeo has been put on the ticket by the Republican party to replace  Brenda Taube. I think that idea has some credibility because as I see it, Commissioner Blumberg has a solid base, so does Mayor Becker , but Taube a one term Commissioner has taken many very unpopular positions and has lost 3 separate public referendums over the last four yrs.,all of which she was the principle proponent of. Her most unpopular position has been trying to force the Absecon Island Shore Protection Racket down Margate's resident's throats. Taube's hope is that Becker's popularity ( mainly created because of the easy access to him he offers people down at the Hardware store.) and Amadeo's name recognition , as a former Assemblymen will somehow sweep her in on their coat tails.  She certainly is not going to win on her  record.   I might agree with this approach if I thought former Assemblymen Amadeo had any local coattails and was indeed strengthening their ticket, but I don't. In fact, I think if anything he will more likely end up taking votes away from Taube then he will from Com. Blumberg.   In reality, Taube's best hope is that Amadeo isn't very popular since he has not really shown  very much interest in Margate politics up until now.  Amadeo is probably hoping some of the anti-Beach Project people, most of whom are Blumberg supporters will also vote for him, since he's claimed public-ally to have voted against joining  in the first referendum. He's also hoping that he'll be able to ride in on what he feels is the Mayor's popularity.


  Personally, I'm not sure the Mayor is as popular as he was last time around, a lot of polluted water has passed under the bridge since then and frankly I don't think  Becker has shown much leadership the last four yrs. Simply listening to people ramble on down at the tool shop isn't IMO leadership. Leadership is also not lying to people to their faces. Becker asked the people of Margate  to tell him which direction to go as regards the Beach Project issue back in the referendum of fall 2013. He said then that whatever the people tell him to do he will do. The people spoke and spoke loudly, they didn't want any part of the Beach project. ( 64% to 36%)  Did Mike listen? No, a year later in an extremely disingenuously worded and unnecessary  2nd  referendum about the Beach  Mike and Brenda tried their hardest to confuse  people into joining the Project by  telling them that fighting back was now futile, He claimed Margate couldn't win in a fight against the ACOE and Gov. Christie, so they should essentially surrender and join. This was not HONEST leadership. Mike Becker IMO dishonestly told people he was neutral on the issue back in 2013, he wasn't. I know this for a fact because I was at the polls the night of the vote count and so was the Mayor. In the moment after the count when it became clear that the Pro-Beach project side had lost and lost BIG the Mayor turned to me angrily and  said the outcome was somehow MY FAULT. Instead, of  congratulating me as a neutral  person would have or as a GOOD SPORT would have Mike chose to be the SORELOSERMAN he is. It gets worse. A week after the election I met up with Mike's pal and advisor City Atty. Scott Abbott and Abbott unlike Mike very graciously congratulated me on the vote, but in that same discussion he made it very very clear that Margate ( meaning the PTB ) were not about to defend the voters desire to stay out of the Project. In other words if push came to shove Becker and Taube would not fund a City defense of the voters decision that fall. The stage was then set for a 2nd possible referendum the following year. That referendum , which happened last fall was a disgrace.  Mike and Brenda having ignored the voters now claimed the vote in 2013 didn't authorize a defense by the city authorities!  Now we all understood why he wanted it as a NON-BINDING vote. So, we had a second referendum one where the amount of dollars the city could use in any defense was to be limited to 200 K. So, Mike and Brenda made sure this time that even if they lost again there would be a limit to the amount spent. In other words even if they lost they would cleverly be able to say the voters ONLY authorized so much  if any defense was mounted. Ask yourself this folks does someone interested in winning such a lawsuit limit themselves in that attempt? Of course not. So, Becker and Taube had  no intention of honoring either referendum they lost.  Instead, they try &  use word games to de-legitimize any elections they lose. So, how long a set of coat tails Mike Becker has this time around is highly questionable.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015



    Despite advance billing by the local media, and Ventnor city hall and Ventnor civic groups only about 30 people showed up Tues. evening for the ACOE and NJDEP's so called Dune Explanation forum starring Stockton College's Stewart Farrell head of the Stockton Coastal Institute and primary sponsor and benefactor of these projects. Why it was held was obvious to everyone locally. The Gov. was also on 101.5 radio yesterday threatening Margate's residents and leadership and calling us selfish etc. The Gov. doesn't get it yet. Margate doesn't give a shit about what he has to say about OUR friggin beach. Time to STFU Chris and go to court and I friggin hope you have your pen ready because its not going to cost a dollar to grab our beaches.

Friday, March 20, 2015


Yep, @ the Beach Blog is ten years old today!!!  A lot has happened over the course of the past ten yrs. The blog started with its focus on just the beach and for awhile it was just going to be about  Margate City's beach, because the original name of the Blog was Margate Citizen's for Beach Preservation. I changed that after the first few installments to @ the Beach and its been that name ever since. As for the content, it's stayed kind of beach centric and many of the original topics concerning Margate's beach are still being presented. In truth, part of the reason I started this blog was to carry the fight forward against the NJDEP and the Army Corps. attempts to spread its ugly intrusive Beach project south from AC and Ventnor into Margate. Amazingly, that fight is still happening even today! Although, I still love the beach, the blog has long ago strayed from just featuring this topic alone. Today it  has become  based in presenting articles and features of a  more general environmental / scientific, political and philosophical examination of reality and events.

TOP 1% 
   Interestingly, over the course of the last ten yrs. @ the Beach became part of the top 1% of Blogspots blogs ( our sponsor and host owned by Google.) That and a dollar though won't buy you a cup of joe, as the old saying goes. For some years the Blog did however earn enough from Google to pay for my monthly Internet connection. That was until Google stopped paying its blog customers anything. That we made anything at all was kind of amusing because @ the Beach was never conceived as a commercial Enterprise. Another interesting fact is that of its thousands of followers @ the Beach has people reading us on almost every Continent on the planet, so we've become an Int'l site. Beaches are everywhere!

  @ the Beach - The FUTURE 

   So, what's planned for the next ten yrs. for @ the Beach? Well, you've probably noticed we also have a Facebook page where each blog post is linked.   Also, I'm excited to announce that @ the Beach has a Podcast in the works for the near future and I'm also looking into doing an Email based Newsletter for the site. So, we'll be spreading out this year and looking forward toward reaching a wider audience World-wide. Who knows maybe we'll even be re broadcasting soon in French ( just kidding .) Anyway, what started out as a little blog about one beach in South Jersey has become over these years much more and we're still dreaming of becoming even more. I hope you'll stay with us and tell your friends about us. Oh and  please keep those  comments and emails coming !!