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Saturday, October 04, 2008


NJ investigates Ventnor

NJ ATTY. GENERAL investigating Ventnor's Old regime. It was reported in the Current Thurs. that the offices of the NJ Atty. General is busy digging through Ventnor's record's looking for suspected impropriety's concerning the bidding and building of Ventnor Pier among other things. Stay tuned the State AG usually don't just arrive sight unseen without cause. Ex-Mayor Timmay says he did nothing wrong and isn't worried. Who knows who or what they'll be looking at? I'd be worried if I were any of them, including the ex-City Atty. Scott Abbott and City Eng. Dick Carter.


Anonymous said...

The AG should look into the bidding process for Ocean City's ipe contract with Grasmick Lumber, as well as the contractors Dick Carter dealt with on their project.

Anonymous said...

The AG should impound some computers before their hard drives get erased or the computers get thrown in the trash.

Potshot said...

No longer the darlings of both party establishments the boyz and their cronies are now fair game.

Anonymous said...

You guys still don’t get it. It is the pilings that are the problem. They did not put them in to code (for Ocean Piers).

It would have been fine in the bay.

GlennK I am surprised at you all these months and you still don’t know. You must not have any inside track. Or as I have seen this crime is so heinous that even your canaries aren’t singing.