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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


SNAPSHOT of most of the Major Presidential polls as of today:

Here's a snapshot of most of the major polls as of yesterday. At this juncture it appears Obama/Biden is widening their lead over McCain/Palin. Nevertheless, until as they say "the Fat Lady sings," this isn't over. Also, click on the blue title link for another really good election polling site REAL CLEAR POLITICS.


Anonymous said...

Looks like an Obama landslide is forming up.

Anonymous said...

Wait until the country wakes up to find out if he has a hidden agenda or not.

The Hurley and Grossman columns are interesting in the local papers. Grossman is voting 3rd party; Hurley is sticking with the GOP.

One stands up for principle in finding the bailout bill a huge foray into Socialism by both GOP and Dems alike; the other looks to lesser of two evils theory because Ayers was a bomb-thrower and Rev. Wright is a flaming racist hater and only a major party vote is going to save America from that unknown influence.

Will Obama's groveling for money and stop at nothing? He's flush with money at over $600 million, got about $800,000 from just one investment bank alone (Goldman Sachs hit up their people to open their wallets to Obama) but still sending me e-mails asking for MORE, MORE, MORE. Almost seems like those Third World relief outfits that dangle pictures of needy kids dressed in rags to get little old ladies to part with their scarce pension money on a monthly basis. Or maybe Rev. Wright taught Obama televangelist tricks. Heard his is one of those mega-church congregations.

U.S. of A. is screwed, blued and tattooed from what I can see of the outcomes, either way.

GlennK said...

How can it get any worse after 8 long yrs. under the prince of darkness himself? The way I see it is no matter who wins it's better then what we have at present. I guess I see the glass as half full not half empty as u do. The end of the BV$H mis-rule is cause for relief no matter who wins on the 4th of Nov.