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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Gov. Corzine having a Cup of Joe with the voters

Gov. Corzine to his credit has cut back funding for so called beach replenishment projects in NJ. Our local congressman Frank Lobiondo has been going around and criticizing the Gov., specifically on these cuts. Frank loves pouring our Tax dollars into the Ocean and has been rewarded nicely for his support by more then a few firms that have profited from these programs. Although, Congressman Lobiondo goes around blovating that sand equals jobs as his mantra, this whole notion as attractive a slogan as it might be doesn't however hold up to closer scrutiny. As I've been saying for yrs. eventually the easy $$ will start to dry up for these Projects and now that is happening. Given the choices whose surprised? 

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Anonymous said...

Frank seems to cares more about building temporary beaches then helping people. God forbid there isn't a nice wide beach in front of the third homes of few hundred out of state residents that are here 3 mos. out of the yr. Maybe, Frank should make sure they have fresh towels and the right brandy and chocolates as well. ( taxpayer supplied of course.)

Anonymous said...

Yea , he's for anything that fills the bank accounts of the top 5%.