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Friday, March 27, 2009


It appears that the Obama Admin. is poised to follow the lead of the last three President's, by removing all Army Corp. beach projects from it's official budgets. This throws the whole issue back onto Congress. It doesn't mean that Congress won't throw more $$ into these Projects however. They will, but the amounts will probably continue to be reduced as Congress fights over every dime. Poor Congressman Lobiondo, he can't just grab whatever he wants for these Projects anymore, because he's no longer the Chairmen of the Committee that dolls out the cashola $$$. It appears even Obama's guys aren't buying the replenished beaches mean jobs shtick the K Street snake oil salesmen ( Marlowe & Co.) pitch Congress. Read more about it at the title link.

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Anonymous said...

Lobiondo is whining all over to anyone that will listen. Seems he's not all that popular with the Obama admin. I can't wonder why?