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Thursday, March 12, 2009



All this week the White House  has been hosting an extraordinary meeting about the broken health care system in this country. Unbelieveably, @  first not a single representative for the Single-payer form of health-care was invited!  That has since changed, however it seems the bias is to allow the same groups ( The so called Health Ins. Industry) that are at the center of this crisis to be allowed to solve it! Sound familiar? This is the same strategy being used to fix the banking and financial Industry as well. How our new President expects any meaningful change form the very same people at the center of these extremely dysfunctional Industries is beyond me and many others? It looks more like the these people will do just the opposite , they will block any meaningful change that hurts them and their companies and friends. This is not Change we can Believe in. Today in the US we have a medical system that is heavily weighted toward the wealthy and public  sector employees and their interests and against the general public. Over 50 mil. Americans have no health-care at all for themselves and their families. ( this no. has been growing daily for over 15 yrs.) The present employer provided health-care idea is failing. More and more families and individuals are being thrown to the  wolves as more  companies attempt to end  coverage for their employees. ( the ones they have left that is). This is not a system that should be supported by employers, in most other Industrial countries health-care is a quasi-Gov't responsibility and many believe, it should be here as well.  IMHO  Health care should be a "human right" not  a profit driven Insurance scam as it is today.


Part of our health-care system has been "Socialized" now for over 40 yrs., with great success, it's called Medicare and everyone over 65 gets it. We need to expand and modernize this system now to include the whole population , or at least those that want to join it. Will this happen? I'm sad to say, probably not. It appears right now that the Industry people will get their way and this crisis will just deepen. Anyway, read a really great article @ the title link about this meeting.


Anonymous said...

It is a guarantee that if we do not get some health coverage for the public, like a national health system, this country is done for. Plain and simple. We cannot compete with the rest of the world. We will never be able to build a manufacturing base, compete with foreign manufacturing. We will not be able to produce products competitively. I’m sure the rest of the world hopes we never get our health system together, for it will assure that this country becomes a third world nothing.

GlennK said...

I'll 2nd that! We need a shift of thinking about health care in general. Is it going to continue to be a huge "INDUSTRY", one that makes obscene profits at the sufferance of millions? Or, is it going to become a Right? The hard political Right not surprisingly is against it as a right. Mind u these folks are all about your so called, "right to life" from Conception to Birth, but beyond birth your on your own as far as they're concerned. In the womb they want the entire power of the State and it's laws and police function to protect you. After your born though it's all on you and your family from the first breathe to your last.

Anonymous said...

Boondoggle alert.

Government involvement is a sure way to end up with waste and a badly designed system.

GlennK said...

A Gov't system couldn't be much worse then what we presently have. The Horizon blimp is the perfect symbol for that company and the rest of them. Bloated and floating way above the rest of the economy on hot air.

Anonymous said...

Corp bureaucracy is every bit as bad or worse then the Gov't variety. The difference is over having dozens of lousy private bureaucracy s or one Federal one.