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Thursday, March 26, 2009



@ the title link is a little story about sand from down Fla. way. Seems the folks down there are starting to get desperate for another fix of the white stuff( sand I mean). Replenishing beaches does this to communities. It creates a sand high and then we all know what happens when the high ends don't we? The locals start howling for MORE sand fast.  Or, they start looking for ways to make what they have last longer. ( This gets really expensive and here's where the real cons thrive. )  The coastal towns hooked on sand  don't care whose paying for it either.  I call these communites sand junkies and the dealer is usually your friendly local Army Corp. office. 


The Florida Klotz said...

It's a losing battle, of course, but the war goes on cuz there's money to be made, and tourism is the state's biggest money-maker.

First the beaches, then the coastline residential and business structures, then the first few streets on the island......

Meanwhile, we enjoy the sun and leave it future generations.

Rob Nixon said...

Did you see that OMB cut the funding for the beach fill projects that the ACOE had put on their stimulus lists?

Interesting. Cut the junkie off at the trough.

Hope it doesn't mean a shift to armoring?

GlennK said...

Not surprised that OMB cut them out. No President since Reagan has allowed these Projects to litter OMB's projections. No President is likely to get caught signing off on them either. Nevertheless, Congress will sign off on them and the President's signature isn't even needed! As for more armoring, I think it will happen as the seas rise over these next 100 yrs. You can't move NYC or Miami or DC or anyone of 10 other major coastal cities. The beach will become irrelevant Rob once these places start calling for protection.