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Thursday, October 21, 2010


@ the title link is the AC Press editorial today on Beach Replenishment. This is a topic as some of you are aware I know something about. As usual the editorial staff @ the Press just doesn't have all the facts about beach replenishment and instead of facts prefers to merely mouth politically correct platitudes about this "method" of trying to maintain beaches. They also , like to talk dismissively about those of us that oppose these projects as "environmentalist," as if that term is the equivalent of being a terrorist or some other radical group that nobody should listen to. Until, the day comes when the Press and others are willing to openly debate in public this issue all were ever going to hear is a one sided lecture from a group of people who know only what they're being fed by the groups and individuals that think they and we ( society) somehow benefit from these misbegotten and poorly thought through pork barrel projects. The reality in Atlantic City's and Absecon Islands case is that the Army Corp. Beach project ( AISPP) has caused enormous damage to our local economy because of it's poorly designed, so called template. By blocking valuable and absolutely necessary Ocean views and Ocean breezes from our once famous Boardwalk this single project now plays a central role in the continuing and spiraling decline of our once prosperous resort.

The Governor's Taskforce & The Straw Man

Even Gov. Christie's task force for the redev. of AC has recognized this and hopefully is advising the Gov. to make needed adjustments to this Project to mitigate these issues. The Press however, never seems to miss an opportunity to show it's openly admitted bias for these Projects. It's story today trying to contrast Holgate's wild life reserve and AC and other resorts as regards beach replenishment is what's called a straw man argument.


It's time for the Press to openly admit it's been wrong about the effects of the AISPP and it's time it needs to understand that it's continuing support of the AISPP ( as it presently exists) is just giving aid and comfort to those forces that want to continue to see AC reduced to a 3rd rate and rapidly fading gaming resort. The simple truth is the AISPP is an ongoing fiasco, a disaster that just keeps on driving away what's left of our tourist base. With the fading appeal of AC's aging and poorly managed Casinos, coupled with a city Gov't that is totally about itself and it's own political power and perks, this Project and the rest of AC's declining and decaying infrastructure has left AC poised to return to where it was in the mid. 70's , before Casino gaming arrived. The AC Press though has no excuse for not knowing better at this time in history. Instead, it continues to echo the wrong headed and ignorant arguments it has accepted as fact as regards so called Beach replenishment.


Arthur Shanker said...

Having read the editorial before your blog circulated, even I was so taken back by The Press' inaccuracies that I went back through archive materials believing that perhaps my understanding was incorrect.

While I appreciate the existence of another side to every issue, facts are facts so the question is how or why The Press can get it so very wrong.

Rick Ackerman said...

The AC Press deserves much of the blame for what Atlantic City became after 1978. The newspaper had an opportunity -- indeed, a responsibility -- to be the community's advocate and to galvanize opposition to policies that effecively allowed the casinos to run the town. One of the early red lights The Press ignored was the blank-wall entrance Caesar's put up on the Boardwalk frontage went they converted Howard Johnson's into a casino hotel. The wall destroyed a block's worth of Boardwalk honky-tonk charm, whereupon it was divulged that the Planning Board had simply failed to visualize the result.

GlennK said...

Yes, the Press is certainly complicit in the decline of the town, no doubt about it. It has spent 30 + yrs. basically barking the party line about Casinos and how wonderful they are. The reality is quite different and we can see clearly the results of the lop sided policies endorsed in a totally uncritical manner by the Press and the political leadership locally and in the State. BIG was always good BIG was the answer BIG Business ala the Casinos and BIG Gov't to go along with it and feed off of it. Everyone else got the devil's hindmost in those yrs. God forbid you tried to run and own a small business geared toward the tourist Industry in this area. If your business was profitable you can bet the Casinos would grab the whole Industry it represented. Look at AC today and you won't see 90% of the businesses that were once here. Generations of family businesses are gone and the middle class that they represented. Today, AC is like any 3rd world town were a tiny % @ the top take home all the bacon and everyone else gets whatever crumbs trickle down off the table. This is the failed policy of trickle down economics at it's most obvious. I will give the Casinos one thing though at least they couldn't offshore their jobs totally, instead they brought the aliens in they needed to fill the jobs instead. As for the boardwalk and beach it's never been a priority for these places has it? They didn't want "their" customers walking out to enjoy some fresh air and take in the beach and ocean either. No, their greed knew no bounds and now as they fade away what are we left with? Not much.